[[t]əge̱n, əge͟ɪn[/t]]
1) ADV: ADV with v, ADV with cl You use again to indicate that something happens a second time, or after it has already happened before.

He kissed her again...

Again there was a short silence...

I don't ever want to go through anything like that again.

2) ADV: ADV after v You use again to indicate that something is now in a particular state or place that it used to be in.

He opened his attaché-case, removed a folder, then closed it again...

I started to feel good about myself again.

3) ADV: ADV cl You can use again when you want to point out that there is a similarity between the subject that you are talking about now and a previous subject.

Again the pregnancy was very similar to my previous two...

With the new artists, you see a more dynamic stage show than you used to see. And again, that's probably part of the progress of technology.

4) ADV: ADV with cl You can use again in expressions such as but again, then again, and there again when you want to introduce a remark which contrasts with or weakens something that you have just said.

You may be happy to buy imitation leather, and then again, you may wonder what you're getting for your money...

They may, but there again they may not.

5) ADV: cl ADV You can add again to the end of your question when you are asking someone to tell you something that you have forgotten or that they have already told you. [SPOKEN]

Sorry, what's your name again?.

6) ADV: amount ADV You use again in expressions such as half as much again when you are indicating how much greater one amount is than another amount that you have just mentioned or are about to mention.

40% of the state's general fund has to go to education. Nearly as much again is mandated to various health and welfare programmes...

Sherry is half as strong again as table wine.

7) PHRASE: usu PHR after v (emphasis) You can use again and again or time and again to emphasize that something happens many times.

He would go over his work again and again until he felt he had it right...

Time and again political parties have failed to tackle this issue.

8) now and againsee now
once againsee once

English dictionary. 2008.


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